Some things are just better together…LBSi, SAP and ERP!

Anything of quality certainly stands out by itself, but when combined with something of equal quality or value the results are exceptional. Like a bat and ball.  One without the other certainly isn’t much fun.  Left and right.  One without the other has you going around in circles.  Sweet and salty.  There are so many options here like pretzels and chocolate, caramel and popcorn, and of course bacon with anything! Pen and paper.  One is certainly not that effective without the other.  You might even think that pen and paper are obsolete, however, some studies show we actually retain more when we handwrite notes.  And speaking of notes, a thank you note handwritten on paper is much more valuable than a text or email, just ask Grandma.

A winning combination that is better together and beneficial for any organization is knowledge and power.  This applies to all facets of any successful business, although I bet we all know people who could’ve used more knowledge before they gained any amount of power.  But what does it really take to gain knowledge?  Research and the internet is a great place to start.  Check out a website or blog and see what others have to say, and gain from their experiences.  We all learn from mistakes and since failure is part of the process, see what practices and struggles have occurred within your industry.  See what works and what doesn’t and what it took to succeed.

SAP and ERP.  Although sometimes appearing to be synonymous, this dynamic duo has been a winning combination for decades.  In fact, SAP is credited with inventing ERP.  ERP is something that brings knowledge to everyone within your organization helping you to be responsive to customer needs as well as changes in the world.  This knowledge gives your organization the power to position yourself with functionality to streamline processes and maximize workflow efficiency.  Knowledge by itself isn’t power, but when applied it can transform and create the power of opportunity.  Knowledge is the potential for you to unlock the power within.

The time is now to create your next great combination.  Your organization and ERP, better together!  Believe in yourself and create that perfect solution.  Have faith in yourself and harness your inner power.  Push yourself outside your comfort zone and grow. A quote from Michael S. Hyatt rings so true “The most interesting things in life happen just on the other side of your comfort zone.”  Your organization’s quality and purpose are evident and reinforced by your customers.  SAP’s ERP solution shows quality validated by thousands of successful implementations, and that along with a continued commitment to deliver solutions well into the future equals exceptional results.  Like peanut butter and jelly, some things are just better together.

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