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Christmas in July aka “Time to Build your ERP Software List and Check It Twice”

Halfway through the year and into the Summer season sounds like a good time to think about Christmas!  The idea of Christmas in July started about 100 years ago at a summer camp as a midsummer celebration and project for kids. The idea of celebrating Christmas in July caught on and it has been celebrated and acknowledged ever since.  For those of us living in areas that get snow in the winter months,  it’s a great time to mirror the festivities of the season with some warmer temperatures.  It’s a great time and reason to celebrate and throw some parties!  Like Santa maybe it’s time for your organization to make a list, and of course, check it twice.  We’re talking about your ERP list of functionalities that places and keeps your organization on the ‘good’ list. That’s the list we all want to be on! That list should contain most if not all items listed below:

  • Scalable with multiple deployment options including cloud and licensing options to fit my needs. Enables growth with increased efficiency and productivity.  Reduces costs with improved revenue growth.
  • Functionality is integrated into one place. No need to manage multiple solutions and duplicate tasks to get results.
  • Uses current technologies with interconnectivity and features that streamline the operations.
  • Information in real-time, accurate, available and accessible when and where needed.
  • A created and supported ERP solution developed by a proven leader in the industry and successfully utilized and installed across the globe.
  • Functionality well beyond accounting.  Managing all aspects of inventory, project management including production, CRM, sales, and service along with real-time reporting.
  • Mobile apps that help keep information connected outside the office walls.
  • The ability to manage multiple locations including those in other countries along with supporting different currencies in one ERP solution.
  • An ERP solution that integrates with Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook and the ability to attach and access this information directly from within the ERP application.
  • Tailoring a fit for the organization. The One Size Fits One model allowing flexibility for managing our unique business without sacrificing functionality and unnecessary expenses. No need to be dependent on outside customization. I’m in control.
  • Having a designated and dedicated partnership for the ERP solution capable of coordinating, directing, and recommending enhancements and modifications if and when necessary.  They know the organization, have proven success, and empower the organization with the tools to be self-sufficient helping to increase staff retention and development.

Christmas in July isn’t celebrated by everyone, but maybe it should be.  Fun is never out of season.  Just like Christmas in July, not every organization does the exercise of making that list and checking what really works and what is needed to optimize results. They should. It might just be time to create that ERP list to see what falls on the good list and separate that from the bad.  It’s always a good time of the year to gather our thoughts and create that solid list.  Make sure your ERP solution checks all the boxes.

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